Beautiful Friends

I took the time this morning to have breakfast with a friend of mine that I have not seen in a while. We kept talking about getting together but… well you know…kids, work. life,…..

Everything always seemed to get in the way of spending a few hours together. Today we made it work and I am so glad we did. I think it had been over a year since we really sat down and talked. A lot can happen in a year. Kids grow, job changes, struggles, losses, adventures. So many things keeping us way too busy. Today was beautiful. We just simply talked about everything. She is the kind of person that can see the good in every situation. Even the bad ones. I never have to pretend around her. Pretend that things are ok when they are not. She helps me find the answers where there doesn’t seem to be any. She holds my hand and dries my tears. She assures me that things will be fine, that God has a plan in all of this. And she makes me laugh.I love how much we can laugh when we get together. I remember when we used to work together. The best part was how much we could laugh on any given day. Her laughter is infectious. She is good for my soul and she tells me that I am good for hers. Its one of those rare friendships that no matter how much time separates you from getting together, it never changes. You just pick up where you left off. We set up breakfast again for next month. I don’t want to let a year go by again. She is important to me. We all need friends like this in our lives.

Call them… plan some time to catch up…. let them know how important they really are in your life. Don’t be so busy that you let those kind of friendships go by the way side. Thats a terrible waste. You never know when you’re going to need a friend. Or how good it feels to be a friend to someone else.

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