Thank You for Giving

This time of the year gets really crazy. I work long hours, go crazy trying to clean up every corner of my house, decorate everything in sight, shop for the perfect everything…

Until I reach a point of exhaustion and the holiday season becomes a blur.

Actually, it started the beginning of October when I decided to do the Last 90 Day Challenge. Instead of starting the first of the year, I’m ending my year more organized…or at least I’m trying.

For Thanksgiving, I shopped last weekend, cleaned during the week, (a few leftover dust bunnies are welcome to join the party.) I prepped what I could last night and then curled up with a book.

The only reason I’m up this early now is because two puppies love to go outside by 5am and chase the wind.

But I digress, Thanksgiving is a time of reflection for me. A time to look all around me and recognize that my life is very blessed. I am surrounded by love, I love my work at the salon, helping people look and feel beautiful. I’m one of those lucky ones who looks forward to going to work every day. And I’m following my dreams…

This year for the holidays, I not buying…I’m giving. I wanted a chance to make a difference somehow, somewhere.

I’m spoiling a ten year old girly girl who loves make-up and unicorns. Just imagine what I can do with that!!! I’ve never met her but in my heart, I know I will make her Christmas a little better.

Or the toddlers in Texas that I’m knitting soft-squishy teddy bears for. I wish I could hear their giggles when they discover those bears under their tree on Christmas morning.

A single mom out east, struggling to save enough to give her kids a dinner, a family out west who just bought their first house and unexpectedly, both parents were laid off a few weeks ago. I can help make a difference.

I am so blessed in every possible way. I need to share that. Opportunities to give are everywhere.

It isn’t about what we have…things are just things. It’s about what we can give.

Imagine a world where each of us takes the time to make a difference.

Thank You for Giving


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