Remembering 2018

2018 has been a year of discovery and a year of loss. A year of meeting so many wonderful people and saying goodbye to old friends who should have had so much more time.

It’s been a year of perseverance and a year of learning who I am, of how strong I can be and how much I have to give of myself to others. I’ve learned that when my heart seems to be depleted, God fills it up even more than I could have dreamed of so I can keep giving…and God is always there, even in the toughest of times.

People pass through our lives every single day. Some last a lifetime by our side, while others may come and go. Yet each person you meet leaves an imprint whether we understand it or not. A smile from a stranger, someone holding open a door, or the eyes of a child looking up at us in awe. Every person we meet leaves a part of them in our hearts.

2018, I lost some beloved friends, some I knew well and others, not so much, But with everyone of them I cried because it hurts to say goodbye and I will miss them. My life was blessed because of them. Tragedy, illness and happens but it still hurts.

2018, I met so many wonderful people I am honored to call my friends…

I love them.

2018, I wrote and published two books with more to come. I’m following my dreams

2018, I’ve learned I have been blessed beyond anything I could have dreamed of. My parents are aging and having some issues, my mom has Alzheimer’s and each day I can spend helping her fills my heart. My parents gave so much to their kids and now, It’s my turn to give back. It’s a blessing. Peter is a miracle. I watch each day as he struggles with ALS, always smiling and always giving. To be a part of his life is a gift and it makes me want to give all that I can. God keeps filling…

2018, I’ve learned what’s important.

Give more, worry less, live, laugh, love…Hug your family and friends, tell them how much they mean to you. Don’t feel guilty, try your best and above all else…

Follow your dreams.

Love each day because tomorrow isn’t a guarantee.

May 2019 be magical

Love, Sidney

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