Week Four

Has it really been 4 weeks? I had to go back and check my calendar and it is. It’s been a little over 4 weeks today the Governor proclaimed my job as a stylist non-essential and the salon closed. Two weeks have turned into a month and still counting. It’s a day by day thing.

The first week, I found myself living in denial. Like so many others I know, I went through the motions. Everything and anything to keep busy. I made to-do lists and checked out paint chips. I drew up a game plan for my gardens and cleaned out the closets. I kept telling myself this will over soon…give it a week…it’s being blown way out of proportion. Then REALITY HIT.

Now we are into week four. At the advise of a very wise friend, I quit watching the news. My routine became disinfecting the house every morning and then again before I went to bed. I love my steam mop. A little water mixed with essentials oils works wonders. I walk the dogs and try to attempt my yoga practice at home, with the help of those same rambunctious dogs who think downward dog is their signal to jump on me. I read, I write and I pray

My thoughts turn to those who have some major health issues, those who suffer with depression and those who are all alone and can’t see their families during this shelter in place. And I pray. I pray because, for the most part, I’m doing okay. I miss seeing people and hugging them, sharing a glass of wine and good conversation. I don’t think about the what ifs…seeing a doctor or having a condition that requires constant medical attention. When my mind goes down a dark path, I think of the many blessing I have been given every single day. I pray for those who are not as lucky.

I believe, in time, this too shall pass. There will be terrible losses. The pain of losing loved ones. The financial stress that is going to take months, if not years to recover from. Life as we know it is changing and changing fast. Don’t dwell on it because, let’s be honest, getting angry or freaking out will not change it. I want to believe I will come out of this stronger than I was before. I want to believe I won’t take for granted the simple things, a hug, a family dinner, a sailboat filled with friends and laughter and a bit of wine on a Sunday afternoon.

I’m grateful that we live in the age of technology where we can have video chats with our families and friends, my grandchildren…When I’m lonely, I just have to pick up the phone and make a call.

This pandemic is changing all of us, every single person on earth is being impacted in one way or another. That impact can be good or bad. It’s up to you. I’m choosing good. I’m choosing hope

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