Have You Started Breathing Yet?


I planned on using this forced time off to finish up an entire list of projects… In my defense, I managed a few. I started off good, after the initial shock of being told I couldn’t work, shop or visit my family and friends. Rooms got painted and the garage finally was cleaned out. Organization is moving like a tornado through the whole house which is filling up the garage again, as the donation sites are still closed.

I can’t remember if it’s Tuesday or Wednesday, if its seven weeks or eight weeks now or when I can go back to work. Remember, salons are not essential. (I’ve been watching all you policitans on TV and I can tell who is visiting back-door-Betty for hair services.)

What I have not minded is sleeping in once in a while and allowing my body to rest. Taking my dogs for walks two or three times a day. Catching up of Netflix, (There are some really strange things on Netflix friends…really) and reading. I also appreciated being able to stay home when I woke up last week with a toothache. The dentist offices were still closed and it took until Monday afternoon to get an appointment. Now it’s a week’s wait for a root canal. That’s over seven days of living on antibiotics and heavy pain killers all because everything is closed. It’s a crazy world out there.

Social media is filled with angry people offering their opinion. Open up everything, stay home, stay safe. I see both sides. People are scared and emotions are high. Not everyone is in the same boat during this storm. Some are petrified of getting the Covid-19. Others are scared of losing everything they’ve worked their whole lives for and both sides are screaming at each other. I’m watching the worst come out of some genuinely beautiful people. To be honest, that scares me most of all

Life has always been hurry up, push it harder, work more, I’ll do that when I retire, someday… How many of you are thinking someday is now? While I’m staying home, I might as well plan some trips to places I’ve dreamed of. I know it won’t be next month but it’s going to be sooner than someday.

I’m taking a step back here. What is the most important? Do a little research, there have been quite a few pandemics. Some were in my lifetime and I heard nothing or very little about them. We survived. According to this article, there was a pandemic going on during Woodstock.

Woodstock Occurred in the Middle of a Pandemic

Yes its life changing and yes, things are going to be different, at least for a while. We will get through this. Have a little faith and a whole lot of compassion.

Just be Kind.


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