Live a little extra each day

Every day when we wake up, we make a choice. Do we get up or go back to sleep. Do we moan because we don’t want to start the day or do we give thanks because it’s a new day, a day to start over, a day to find something wonderful. Do we worry about what we don’t have or do we feel good because of everything we’ve been blessed with. Do we end our day with frustration because the day may not have gone as we planned or do we feel thankful for each new experience.

How we begin and end our day is a roadmap to how our lives play out. It’s all up to us and it’s a choice, our choice. We can let the negativity in and allow everything around us to metastasize like a cancer. We’ve all had those times, one bad thought leads to another, to another and so on until the whole day is down the toilet before its even begun. Or the what-ifs start running through your mind, picturing every bad scenario playing out, each one getting worse and worse until you just give up before you even try.

Or…we can change that picture I just put into your head and create something beautiful. It isn’t always easy and it may take some time but you can do it. I’ve learned to do it every day and believe me, it makes a huge difference. Talk to yourself. Be it inside your head or out loud for the air to hear you, talk to yourself. Have huge conversations with yourself as you drive your car or walk around the block. Why cares what others who see you may think. We’re all a little crazy anyway. Give yourself encouragement and positive thoughts and words. Remind yourself you’ve made it through hell and back before and survived. When your mind goes negative, scream at it. Stop the thought process right now. Don’t give it time to manifest, just stop it. Think of babies or puppies or a beach, anything that makes you smile.

I used to figure out what was the worst that could happen. Then I realizes the probability of that happening was usually slim. Now I do what I can and I look to my faith. Nine and a half times out of ten, everything works out fine. The few times it doesn’t? Later, I find myself being thankful it didn’t work out. Some things are just not meant to be and once we realize that, life gets a whole lot easier.

I start my day by taking care of me first. I meditate. I take long deep breaths. I clear my head of everything. Then I have my conversations with God. I ask him to show me what I need to do and I thank him because I know already, it’s going to be a great day. I do my yoga practice, I walk my dogs, I fix a cup of hot tea and I write. I start my day with calm. I replenish my heart and my soul so that I can give throughout my day. Anything crazy just needs to wait.

As I go about the rest of my day, I smile at strangers along with those I know, I give encouragement, I open doors. I ask about the day, the kids, the job…and I listen. People feel better when they know they are heard. It means they matter. I make a conscious effort everyday to make a difference to someone who crosses my path. Most of the time, I think I succeed. I try to limit my time with extremely negative individuals. You know the ones, nothing is ever good and they live for drama? The ones that no matter how much you’ve tried to help, they refuse to listen and they suck you dry. I limit the time with them. They need to find their own peace, their own way. It’s okay to say no to them and walk away. You have to make your own choices.

I end my day with more mediation and with thanks. I give thanks for the experiences of the day. I give thanks that I found a little extra to give someone. That I found time to dance, to laugh, to cry and that I made a difference somehow. I end my day knowing I did the best I could with what I had and I specially give thanks for tomorrow if it comes, because tomorrow starts a new beginning all over again.

Life is a choice and only you get to choose if you want to be happy


Sidney Parker

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