When is it enough?

I have been following Rachel Hollis and her amazing motivation video’s lately. If you have never heard of her, check it out on her website The Chic Site. She is so inspiring.

Last week, Rachel talked about the word enough. As in WE are enough– good enough, skinny enough, smart enough.  The meaning of ‘enough’ has been on my mind all week as a result, but in a little different way.

When is it that we have enough? What is enough? The biggest house on the block? the fastest, most expensive new car? Ten million in the bank? A condo in the Bahama’s (That was before the hurricane)? And when have we had enough?

The big question for me is when is it too much and what price do I have to pay for it? Don’t get me wrong, I dream of owning an Audi A5 convertible and the thought of wintering on a warm beach somewhere is, honestly, a slice of heaven, but when is the price I need to pay too much?

I find my self working until I’m completely exhausted week in and week out. I don’t have time to grocery shop, go to my beloved yoga classes, watch my grandchildren play or take my puppies for a long walk because there is no time. Family time? A social life? Going for a drive to check out the fall colors? Curl up and read a book? I tell myself  tomorrow, next week, next year. Then I work a little later at night, come in a few hours early in the morning, add an extra day to my week.

Bottom line? ‘Tomorrow’ is never going to come if I keep this up. The things I dream of doing will become ‘should have’s’ when it’s the end. It needs to stop…NOW.

I’m making a plan, a plan to get off the Hamster wheel.

I’m making a list.

What truly makes me happy? What brings me joy? When am I the most calm? When am I confident? What makes me laugh with abandon? What fills me with passion and determination?

What makes me cry? What will devastate me? What makes me rage?

Who am I? What are the 5 most important things in life to me?

Then I will look around me and clean house. Clear out the clutter

Not just in possessions but mentally as well. If it serves no purpose in my dreams, why hang on to it? I don’t need that funky sweater that has been hanging in my closet for years because I just might wear it some day. Nor do I need the third set of dishes to be used one day of the year. Likewise, the friends I only hear from when they need a favor. The rest of the time, they can’t be bothered to turn a message or call me just to say hi. Or how about the memories of rejection, ridicule and hurt. They really don’t have any value any more other than to cause pain. It’s time to let go of the excess.

Letting go…physically, mentally, emotionally…It will free up so much room for what you really want in your life.

I am enough and I have enough… more than enough. Cleaning house opens up room for the dreams I have been hiding behind all the junk.


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