Starting Over…Hell Yes

It hit me at around 4:30 am this morning that it’s New Years Eve. I have been so darn busy that I kind of forgot. Then I remembered… I wasn’t going to do that anymore…Be that busy. Be so busy I would forget the important things. My excuse?… I got busy.

Out comes the white boards and my journal. It’s time to make a plan, set some goals, decide what I really want in life, What is and is not important. I think that’s the big one right there… What is important.

For me it’s family, those I love. It’s peace of mind, it’s knowing no matter what I’m trying to do, I give it my all and I believe in what I’m doing. It’s making a difference.

What isn’t important is wasting time. Wasting time on worrying about what should have been or what hasn’t even happened yet. It’s wasting time on people who try to trip you up, put you down, create drama and just plain make you feel bad. It’s saying tomorrow… someday… if only… I can’t…

The two greater words in any language are Yes and No

Yes… Yes I can do it, I can accomplish anything I set out to do


No…No I’m not going to take it any more.

You can start over any day or any minute you choose. It’s up to you.

For myself, it was at 4:30 this morning. I made a plan.

So goodbye to wasted time and the people who say I CAN’T

Good morning to a beautiful new life.

I got this!!!!!

Happy 2018

One response to “Starting Over…Hell Yes”

  1. Loved reading thiis thank you


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