Just be Kind

Yesterday I found a comment on one of my posts and it made me stop in my tracks…Like immediately come to a stop and suck in my breath. Let me first say, I respect differences. We all have the right to choose. Our beliefs, our faith, our political party, how we live our lives and raise our kids. If we want to get up in the morning and go to work or stay in bed. Everything in life is a choice. We. Get. To. Choose.

That being said, we can also choose to be kind and accept each other’s differences or we can be mean and try to bully other people into thinking the same way. Personally, I always thought the bully crap would end in high school. It hurts to know that as a bully grows into an adult, they get worse.

Our world seems to have split in two. Two sides in politics, two sides in faith and two side in medicine. Each side has reasons, valid reasons. But here’s the deal. I have the right to choose and I have the right to walk away, unfriend, block and ignore anyone who feels they have the right to bully or persecute me. No-one has the right to hurt another, no one and if you think you do? I don’t want you in my world.

Words can hurt and once said or written, they can’t be taken back. I know its tough out there, it’s scary and people are angry and frustrated. Now more than ever, we need to work together. We need to lift each other up and give each other hope. Think before you speak. Take a moment before the words spill forth and ask yourself…will this help? Will this make a difference?

Be the change you want to see happen…Be Kind

XOXO. Sidney

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